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Production of blown glass; is a technique in which human intelligence is transformed into artisan by combining hand skill and experience.  Safir Cam started a journey to keep alive the traditional art of glass blowing with it’s artisan craftsman team. 


In our production, international standards and quality principle are applied. Our glass products are made of high quality raw material and our professional human power is of high importance .


With our years of expertise and know-how, we are continuing this commitment with the principle of producing quality products.


Our company meets the needs of the market with glass products produced by blowing, press and press blown techniques. Sherbet fountain, fruit bowl, vases and decanters in Turkey as our wide range of products and we are increasing our presence in the international market.


In addition to our over 2500 mold varieties, our design team can design and manufacture new products in accordance with the new trends.


Our goal in Turkey and other countries, is to become a leading world-class manufacturer of glass blowing.


Safir Cam